Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Get started in 15 minutes and deliver results quickly

Many folks say they have heard about 5S. But some are confused about what it's really about and how they could benefit from it. Not to worry - here are just a few quick questions that may indicate 5S could be helpful for you, save you some time and even some money.

Are you frustrated with the time you spend time looking for, or waiting for, tools, equipment or information? Does this happen more than once per day?

Are you tired of the sore feet at the end of the day with all that walking? To the coffee machine, the photocopier, the printer, delivering reports, getting supplies?

Are you surprised that you constantly rush in parts or supplies?

Are you upset that work backs up in one department or in someone's inbox?

Are you disturbed that it takes more time or the quality of work depends on who you ask to do the task?

Are you worried about doing something just because you have nothing else to do? Like making kits or folding boxes - even though there are no orders for them?

Do you put work aside in piles, so you can "batch them" to be "more efficient"?

Do you notice employees just standing around? Are they waiting for a step in the process to be completed before they can do their part? Are they waiting for materials to arrive? Are they waiting for clarification on their next step?

Could you relate to one or two of these examples? More? I've discovered that in many workplaces, we just accept what's going on because "that's how we do things around here". What's even worse is when folks start to think "making that kind of change is above my pay grade".

You may be surprised and excited to discover a quick, 15 minute, do-it-yourself tool that I've used with clients to quickly point to areas that need attention or fine tuning. Most folks who try it say "Wow, Norm, that this was a real eye opener" for them and their workplaces. 

Register to getstarted right away with this quick, 15 minute, do-it-yourself tool.


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