Friday, November 10, 2017

Oppsss the wheels fell off your lean initiative?

Lean is a powerful tool for improvement. But beyond just tools, lean can introduce a way of thinking that will revolutionize results. The step change in throughput and profitability can be nothing short of jaw dropping.

Most people have heard of Lean Manufacturing. It was made famous by the success of Toyota.

In recent years, Lean thinking has extended into the office, health care, construction, engineering design and even government administration.

Most companies that try lean start by taking some basic training. Or hiring some outside consulting expertise. They learn some tools and key concepts that they can apply in their workplaces. They see a few wins as the participants find the "low hanging fruit". It’s almost too easy at first. I mean after all, this stuff is just common sense!

Then they hit a dry spell. It could be six months in, or years later. The wheels fall off. People fall back into old habits. They’re late to meetings, they don’t actively participate in problem solving, and they roll their eyes every time you say “gemba”. Action boards are no longer up to date, missed goals do not spur action. The excitement is gone. And so is your team's ability to meet commitments.

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