Monday, January 5, 2009

Stop affiliate URL Hi-Jacks

Do you participate in affiliate links to websites and products in your emails or on your own website? The links for most affiliate links are long, unwieldy and easily recognizable as an affiliate link. So, many people will bypass your link, cutting you out of your commission. And if you are completely honest to yourself, haven’t you done the same? I know I have!

So how can you protect yourself to get the commissions you deserve? After all, if they found the link through your efforts, shouldn’t you share in the rewards? Isn’t that what affiliate marketing is all about?

Many affiliate marketers turn to third party websites like to create links that mask their affiliate URL. This solution can be effective, but I much prefer to keep control of my affiliate links and not rely on third party sites. If their web sites are off line, so are you! And when you lose a click – its likely gone forever!

If you are interested in learning how to create a web page on your own site that redirects to your affiliate links, read on!

Visit our website at and put the code "affiliate redirect" in the "get it" box

Happy affiliate Marketing!


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