Saturday, January 3, 2009

A quick Lean Simulation for your team!

The beauty of lean thinking is that the concepts are so simple, yet so powerful. A comment I often hear is “it’s just common sense … it can’t be this simple”.

I ran across a quick and easy Lean Thinking demonstration that can be used in the board room for your leadership team, or as a quick kickoff to a kaizen event. In the space of a few minutes, it provides a powerful demonstration of lean concepts and tools. This can be very useful in engaging the team. Engaging the team is one of the key factors in ensuring a successful lean implementation.

Here is how it works, step by step;

Have your team stand around the room, facing each other, as they would seated around a table.

Toss one tennis ball to a team member. When they catch it, instruct them to toss it to another team member in the room who has not as yet touched the ball. Repeat this process until all of your team members have caught and tossed the ball.

This routing of the ball becomes the process. Instruct your team that this sequence must be followed without changing the position of your team players or the routing of the ball.

Next ... Visit the website and enter the phrase "3balls" in the "get it" box for the rest of the instructions.

Best success on your lean journey!


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