Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you have a road map?

Every day I pick up the paper and read about companies cutting jobs. The Globe is cutting jobs in Toronto, The Free Press is cutting jobs in Winnipeg, 4500 jobs lost at Boeing, Air Canada closes its flight center, Snow lake shuts down its mine, Paper mills close down never to re-open. Even Microsoft announced today that they are cutting 5000 jobs, 1400 today. There were 636,000 Manitobans looking for work in December last year, unchanged from November.

The past few years we focused on how to deal with unpredictable rising costs of materials. What will the challenge be in 2009? The Global Insight forecasting firm said the country will lose an additional 100,000 jobs in the first 3 months of 2009. Do you have a plan?

Todays leaders face bigger challenges than ever before. The financial markets are in crisis and it seems the economy is not far behind. How well equipped are you to face these mounting obsticals. Do you have the right teams in place to tackle your key issues.

I have released a new ebook entitled "The 5 Action Steps That Will Make Your Business At Least 50% More Profit in The Next 90 Days". It is available free at the NBI website Just visit the site and enter the phrase "Profit" in the "Get It" box.

Sometimes it seems like we need an “oh-shit” experience to take action. We wait until we are in real trouble before we take action. A crisis makes us become more focused. It wakes us up to what was under our noses all along – but we were too busy to pay attention.

I hope you are not in crisis. I hope you are looking for a way to strengthen an organization that is already strong. Whether you are or are not in crisis, this ebook will help.


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