Thursday, June 30, 2016

How to get more done today than most do in a week

Taking massive action! What does than mean? Conventional wisdom says to get ahead you have to knuckle down and work harder. I totally disagree. We need to work smarter.

Most people are too busy to be productive. All their time is taken up on tasks that don’t make a difference.

Tony Robbins teaches the RPM method. The Results-Purpose-Map. It’s a great tool to get stuff done. If you watch his video, you’ll get the basics of the system. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how it works.

That’s the essence of my steal shamelessly philosophy - seek out ideas, concepts and systems that work and figure out how to apply them to your advantage in your unique situation. Each situation is unique - that’s why you can’t just apply cookie cutter approaches. You and I don’t think like Tony Robbins - if I did, I’d be leading a much richer life! But we can apply his ideas and techniques to our own unique situation!

Step 1: The Dump - Empty your head.

People carry great ideas in their head. They solve the problems of the world in their sleep. They have awesome ideas for moving forward. But they store them in RAM upstairs. And as the day goes by, that idea or thought gets lost. It needs to be captured.

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