Monday, November 16, 2009

Changing Behaviour

I have been challenged with involvement and compliance in an office waste reduction initiative. In our self assessment study, we identified that meetings and emails demanded 20% of our office workers week. The same self-assessment indicated that 78% of the time for emails and 57% of the time spent in meetings was considered wasted by those who participated.

Regardless of this result, people working in the office were reluctant to rate themselves and provide feedback to each other on what they considered wasteful and how to improve. Third party audits are snapshots in time - we are looking for ways to engage and change the office culture to eliminate waste.

I ran across an interesting approach taken by Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital (BJSPH) in St. Peters, MO. If you have been struggling with the carrot/stick approach to changing behaviour, their model may be of interest. Click here for their approach.

Anyone seeing the results of our self assessment agrees that we are on the right track. What is your experience in changing behaviour to support "doing the right thing".


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