Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making my website work

Recently, I’ve had an increasing number of discussions with clients who are VERY dissatisfied with their websites. This seems to be a continuing theme as more people develop their on-line presence. What prompted this blog, however, was an email I received about how bad this situation has become. Kate was PISSED OFF to say the least about web designers who create “award winning” sites that cost huge amounts of money and do nothing for the business owner – no measurable improvement in business from being on-line.

A web site should be your online calling card. It should NOT be a status symbol. It should bring in business and MAKE money for you. Is YOUR website doing that for you?

Kate went on to say that the web designers she contacted did not even discuss SEO, keyword placement, traffic, conversion etc. When I discussed these things with her, she was genuinely shocked – the designers she talked to apparently gave this little or NO consideration. Just a pretty site with some cool flash animations.

Before you take the plunge and create a website, be sure to give consideration to what you want your website to do. In particular, give serious consideration to what your CUSTOMERS want from your website.

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Winnipeg Business said...

I agree Norm. Its amazing how many websites are built by designers that have no care to whether the client receives any visibility brought on by solid SEO practices.
The site that no one sees is equal to dollars wasted.

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