Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking the lean message to the world

Consulting is a rich mixture of exploring, training, guiding and implementing. Its working with business and institutional leaders that recognize that doing the same thing as we have done before will yield the same results! In order to implement change, we must develop a different approach.

Become lean! With the current level of economic uncertainty, companies must recognize the hard facts and realize that unless they start streamlining - they will be left behind - far behind. Lean thinking is an approach that re-assesses organizational capability in terms of what the customer wants and what brings the customer value. With management committed to be ruthless with everything that fails this critical test, the organization will emerge from this economic crisis leaner and meaner.

A Winnipeg consulting company, endorsed by Supply Chain Logistics Group (SCLG) of Middle East is bringing that message to leaders on the world stage. This group brings an opportunity of education, training, seminar and networking among like-minded professionals and corporations on global basis. The group is operating with the legal backing of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is founded with the help of senior management professionals representing variety of industries on Supply Chain.

Sheraton Dubai Creek
Hotel & Towers, UAE
10th & 11th May 2009

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The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.


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