Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flexibility to manage your business remotely

Your folks are busy working on the road. They need to buy stuff to keep your projects moving. Time is of the essence. They know they are under the gun to get the job done.

You know this too, but you need controls. Spending seems out of control. Paperwork does not get done. And the accounting staff is spending way too much time trying to untangle the mess.

What do you do? Add more controls and slow down the project? Give everyone credit cards to buy what they need?

Many companies struggle with this situation every day. And the company computer system is not able to cope with different needs of the organization – keeping the road warriors effective while keeping the accounting books straight and timely.

That is where we come in! We’ve been there! Having managed people working in every corner of the world, we understand.

Why can’t the people on the road just complete the paperwork and send it in?

Why can’t life be simpler?

It can be!

You don’t pay your road warriors to do paperwork. So make it easy for them to get the job done. Give them the tools to easily meet your needs, and theirs. Enable them to record expenses as they make them, either through their laptop at the hotel or through their web enabled telephone. You see their expenses as they enter them, from anywhere in the world. And they can easily compile them into an expense report and send them off to you – electronically. For bigger purchases, they can create field Purchase Orders that you can see, approve and track – on top of the action as it happens. The POs can be sent through the approval process as well. Securely, electronically.

Designed to make your world smaller, easy to manage and easy to use.

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Purchase Orders, Expense Forms, Time Sheets - Simple, efficient, effective!

Running your business should be this simple!


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