Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are you looking at Lean for your company?

We're looking for Canadian companies that are exploring Lean!

Have you started a lean journey? Are you looking at lean to improve your operations? Tell us your story and win a Lean Thinking tee shirt!

Lean Thinking applies to so many companies ... in fact, we can't think of one that it does not apply to! So why do we still think of Lean as a "manufacturing" initiative? Lean Thinking applies equally well in health care, offices, government, engineering design, construction - in any industry, anywhere!

So we're looking for some folks to help us spread the word! If you are exploring lean, or already implemented lean in your facility - tell us about it! If you have some secret tips that our readers would enjoy, share those too! And in return for sharing your lean stories and tips, you could get one of our Lean Thinking tee shirts for FREE!

Just click here to visit the web site and tell us your tips and story. Let us hear your story so we all learn about lean!


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