Thursday, December 4, 2008

So ... what is 5S anyway?

Have you been introduced to Lean Thinking? Have you started your lean journey?

5S is a workplace organization and continuous improvement system that lays the foundation for all other lean improvement activities. By starting the lean journey with 5S, we discover tools and techniques required to be successful in eliminating waste from our processes.

5S is not a system, or program that can be started and completed. It is a continuous improvement process that provides a never ending methodology to continuously improve your operation. It has been proven to work in any business sector, every industry in any country and has been successful in changing the culture of organizations worldwide.

Many companies profess to have “done 5S” many times before. These comments, and the mindset “it won’t work here – we’re different” are common in facilities that have not fully understood, embraced or maximized the benefits that can be achieved through the concepts of lean. The company renowned to have the most success in implementing lean – Toyota, consistently states that they “have so much more to learn” as they travel on their lean journey.

For those interested in starting their lean journey with 5S, the consultants pocket guide to implementing lean may be of assistance. Visit my website at and enter "5S-guide" in the "Get It" Box.

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Best Success on your lean journey!


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