Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marketing Lessons from the world of MLM

90% of businesses report that they are not getting the business they expected from their web site. Many people do not realize the incredible value that internet marketing can bring to their business. No matter what your product or service is, the internet is by far the best and least expensive marketing opportunity to reach your target market. The trick is in learning how to apply the tools available to actually generate business for you. A website that is not generating business is a waste.

Social networking is the grouping of people into specific groups, like small communities or a neighborhood subdivision. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in schools or in the workplace, it is most popular online. This is because the internet is filled with millions of people who are looking to meet other internet users to develop friendships and business relationships.

Social Network Marketing covers many very different activities. The older and most disliked form of prospecting is where you jump every person within arms reach (the 3’ rule) and spew your opportunity all over them. Not a good idea - and not very effective! The newer and more popular form of network marketing - Attraction Marketing is where you develop a funnel of never ending qualified prospects who SEEK YOU OUT. You are then, network marketing by attraction.

Affiliate marketing and the world of MLM pioneered this approach, and it can be successfully adopted by 'real' companies.

Developing a prospecting system needs brain power, a certain amount of internet competence, a marketing budget and a little patience. Becoming a professional internet marketer will get you to the pinnacle of success. Making your website work as hard as you do, will be time well spent!

Here is what business owners are saying who have applied this strategy: “We have been running waiting lists for products for about a year now, and no one has any clue how we are doing it without spending big advertising money. I love this stuff…”

Many small business owners still think they can take a pass on the power of online social media tools, particularly if they reside in seemingly low-tech industries like plumbing, fishing, or lawyering. This is a huge opportunity to pass up. Take the time to discover how you can make the internet work for your business.

Ann Sieg has written an ebook that outlines the 7 lies of network marketing. Click here to download it. A good light read.


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